Surgery and Anesthesia


No doubt anesthesia is scary! We do everything we can to help alleviate your concerns.


At Companion Animal Care, surgery is performed to the same standard as in human medicine. We require pre-anesthetic bloodwork to be sure there are no identifiable problems that may cause any issues or interfere with anesthesia.


We place an IV catheter in each and every surgery to maintain blood pressure with intravenous fluids during anesthesia and during recovery. This helps to keep all the organs perfused and oxygenated during the procedure. It also allows us immediate access to a vein in the rare case that an emergency should arise during the procedure.


We use the same anesthetics that are used in human medicine to pre-medicate and anesthetize the patient and also to control any undue pain.


Every patient's vitals are monitored with the use of a state-of-the-art medical monitor. We monitor temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation of the blood, blood pressure and have an ECG running during their procedure to help determine how the patient is doing while under anesthesia.


At our Shelby Twp location, we perform spays, neuters, declaws, biopsies, growth removals and other surgeries. We wear gowns, caps, masks and gloves during any sterile procedure. Instruments are cleaned and sterilized between all surgeries. We use only quality suture material in individually sterilized packets. A new, sharp and sterile surgical blade is used on every patient.


Beware of low-cost spay / neuter clinics that cut corners on quality!